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Hybrid/EV Repair and Services in Corpus Christi, TX

Hybrid and electric cars are a great choice when it comes to lowering the impact that we have on our environment. These vehicles are built to run on little to no gas, which makes them much more complex. Due to the complexity of hybrid and electric vehicles, they require special skills and knowledge to properly service and repair. At Romay’s Auto Service in Corpus Christi, TX, our mechanics are some of the highest-caliber technicians in the industry to handle any hybrid or electric issue.

At Romay’s Auto Service, we are a full-service facility that can help with everything your hybrid or electric vehicle needs, from regular maintenance to major repairs. Our experts understand the unique features of these vehicles, like electric drivetrain components and regenerative brake systems. There’s a reason why we are the trusted choice for auto repair in our community, whether it is our modern equipment and friendly service or our obvious care for our customers. We want you to get back to your life and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Hybrid vehicles use an electric motor that saves gas in stop-and-go traffic, which can cause the engine to become strained if you drive in high-traffic conditions on a regular basis. The experienced mechanics at our Corpus Christi hybrid repair shop understand how this system maintains high fuel efficiency and have years of experience preventing, testing, and repairing all makes and models of hybrid and electric cars.

The main life force of hybrid and electric vehicles is the battery and charging system, which powers the electric motor. Hybrid and electric batteries can be costly - this is why it is so important to properly maintain and care for them. At our Corpus Christi auto repair shop, we only staff experienced mechanics who are highly trained and skilled when it comes to hybrid and electric power systems for all makes and models. Regardless of what you are experiencing, our professionals will get to the bottom of the issue and determine the solution best for you and your vehicle.

Another unique feature of hybrid and electric vehicles is regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is when the electric motor helps the mechanical brake pads and slows the car while generating enough electricity to maintain a charged battery. Regenerative braking systems are dependable and long-lasting, often surviving much longer than standard brakes. When replacement becomes necessary, however, Romay’s Auto Service can perform any necessary work.

In order to make your visit to our shop as convenient as possible, we offer a local shuttle service for you to utilize if you need a ride while your vehicle is worked on. We also have a comfortable lobby area if you prefer to wait with Wi-Fi, coffee, and refreshments. Contactless payment options and financing are also available!

When you need professional hybrid or electric vehicle repair in Corpus Christi, TX, bring your vehicle to Romay’s Auto Service. Give us a call or schedule your visit with us online today!

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