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Do Electric Vehicles Need To Be Serviced?

With the popularity of electric vehicles increasing daily, you might have started to consider buying one yourself. If that's the case, and you have questions about servicing and repairs, we are here to help! While reading this article, you will find information about what goes after purchasing an electric vehicle (or EV).

How Do Repairs Work?
If your EV suffers an accident or needs repairing, the manufacturing company handles it most of the time. Because of the complexity and specific systems, electric vehicles are tedious to repair. Furthermore, the extended warranty manufacturers cover almost every possible problem. For minor repairs or services, you could visit a local automotive facility. There are also repair shops specializing in EV repairs, and they can fix pretty much anything.

Fewer Parts, Fewer Problems
Electric Vehicles have much fewer moving parts than standard gas or diesel-powered cars. There are no crankshafts, pistons, belts, or all others that make it break every so often. You can say that the only moving parts are the wheels and suspension, but there is more to it than that. The batteries are a big headache if something goes wrong with them. It can have you stuck in the dealership for days because of repairs.

Regular Services
Having regular inspections and maintenance services is vital. EVs are good at letting you know when something is wrong. Basic servicing procedures still apply, like tire changes, brake pad replacement, coolant changes, and filter swaps. If you are wondering about the intervals and scheduling, the owner's manual or our staff can give you an answer.

According to a study done at multiple repair shops, the average cost of servicing an EV is 5-40% cheaper because of the lesser work that is required. Not only that, but they are better for the environment.
At first, buying one may seem like a pretty big investment, but it pays off over time.

For all your electric vehicle needs, please do not hesitate to call or visit the automotive experts at Romay's Auto Service.

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