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How These 3 Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Audi

Have you ever wondered if your driving habits are causing a negative impact on your Audi’s performance? Like many other parts of our day, driving is like second nature and doesn't require much thought. The habits you have formed when learning to drive, stick with you throughout your adult life and are hard to re-learn. Your car may be suffering from these very common and damaging driving habits.

Revving the Engine

When your Audi has been sitting idle for a few hours, the oil from the engine compartment has mostly returned to the oil pan at the bottom of the crankcase. Moving parts need this oil for lubrication for smooth operation. If you rush the process by revving the engine prematurely from a cold start, the oil won't have had the chance to coat internal parts and can cause damage.

Ignoring the Warning Lights

This seems like an obvious habit that would cause vehicle damage but you would be surprised at how long people will drive with a warning light on. It comes down to simply not having time to send your vehicle in to get checked or repaired. Your owner's manual will tell you what each warning light means and there is a color system (green, amber and red) to alert you of the severity of the problem. Ignoring an open gas cap is not going to cause an issue in the long term, whereas ignoring an engine light can cause irreparable damage to your engine.

Racing Over Speed Bumps

Speed bumps are designed to slow you down so you must approach them at a slow speed. Your suspension, steering and alignment can all be negatively impacted by hitting a bump or hole in the road at speed. Pedestrians and neighbors will also feel safer if you just heed caution and slow down.

You will save time and money in the future by driving just a little more consciously. Regular checks with Romay’s Auto Service will also avoid many of these long-term issues arising from bad driving habits. We invite you to bring your Audi to our shop today.

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