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Signs of a Faulty Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters are a crucial feature of your vehicle's emissions system. Unfortunately, if this part becomes clogged and fails, it will bring down the entire process of the emission system. When this happens, your vehicle's combustion byproducts can't correctly be filtered out and pass through the muffler. As a result, the engine could possibly shut down, resulting in a loss in acceleration power and a weak battery. Lastly, it can even cause toxic gas leaks in your car, which is incredibly dangerous.


Below are some warning signs that you have a clogged catalytic converter:

Sign #1: Trouble Starting Your Car

A jammed catalytic converter may make it nearly impossible to start your vehicle. Even if you get it to start, it may suddenly stop or sputter, indicating that it is a catalytic converter problem.

Sign #2: Reduced Fuel Economy

If your gas mileage isn't the same as before, the catalytic converter can be the problem. Because your engine is receiving less oxygen, the motor will have to work harder. It will guzzle up more fuel to compensate, resulting in a lower MPG.

Sign #3: Lit Check Engine Light

The sensors that monitor the fuel and air in your car will sense something wrong when your catalytic converter gets clogged. As a result, it will flash a check engine light on your dash. This infamous yellow warning light can also mean that you have other problems beyond the catalytic converter. It's best to have a professional mechanic diagnose it with proper tools.


If you're experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to our Corpus Christi auto repair shop. We look forward to seeing you at Romay's Auto Service!

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