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Understanding Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Sensors in European Vehicles

The tire pressure monitoring system is as easy to understand as to how to turn on your car or how to put on your seatbelt. If you notice the light come on your dashboard, it means you have an issue with your tires or the system.


If the TPMS light is solid, it means that your tires are not properly inflated. Whereas, if the light is flashing, it means that one or more of the tire sensors in the TPMS has gone bad.


Your TPMS sensors wirelessly transmit information regarding your tires to the car computer. Over time, these sensors can fail due to road hazards, like collisions, curbs, and potholes. Sometimes, the battery in them can die out too.


When you notice the flashing tire symbol on your dash, you should bring your car to the tire experts at Romay’s Auto Service. As mentioned earlier, it means that there is sensor failure in one or more tires. Ignoring the flashing light is a bad idea because you may be compromising your vehicle’s handling. And you won’t be able to know the true condition of your vehicle’s tires. Plus, it is considered a violation of law to leave your TPMS inoperative.


Just like your wipers and your tires themselves, the TPMS sensors can wear down over time. Failure to replace them can lead to tire leaks, poor mileage, accelerated tire wear, and even complete tire failure. 


If you need your TPMS sensors serviced in Corpus Christi, TX, please bring it to Romay’s Auto Service.

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