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What Is In The "New Car" Smell?

For many years, scientists have wondered why so many individuals are drawn to the smell of a new car. To their curiosity, they found out exactly what was in the scent (and spoiler alert: it's not good for you). The smell is emitted from the combination of materials used to produce a vehicle's interior. 

Polyurethane and polyester are a few of the most popular substances used in making your car's interior because of how well they can withstand extreme temperatures. Unfortunately, these chemicals release harmful organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. VOCs are petroleum-based solvents in materials like plastic and vinyl, and unfortunately, they are the source of the synthetic smell that some people enjoy. 


Why Is The New Car Smell Dangerous?

While the VOCs and their fragrances disappear over time, they are considered unsafe. You may have heard about VOCs already, and you can find some of them in everyday household items (cleaning supplies, shampoo, perfume, hairspray, air fresheners, detergent, deodorant, and more).

VOCs can be a mixture of many different chemicals that make their way into the air we breathe. When these chemicals interact with oxygen and nitrogen molecules, they generate ozone and granular particle matter. Ozone isn't as harmful when high in our atmosphere, considering it helps guard Earth against the sun. However, at ground level, these gases can contribute to smog pollution. With exposure to high concentrations, the vapors from VOC can be linked to headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness, and even cancer.


How To Get Rid of the New Car Smell

While the new car smell is not going to kill you, some individuals despise the smell of VOCs. If you want to get rid of the odor and minimize its harmful effects, you can try the following tips:

  • Park your car in the sun
  • Leave the windows open whenever possible (to allow air to circulate)
  • Try adding air fresheners or an essential oil diffuser to your car. 
  • Have your car detailed

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